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Fertile eggs for incubation
These can be supplied on order, but supply is subject to necessary certification by relevant authorities of the specific country of destination.

Quail chicks
Quail chicks are very delicate and are extremely sensitive to cold weather. Quality Quails Suppliers will sell only 3 weeks old chicks, when the most delicate period is over. At temperature of 28 degree centigrade, the chicks do not need further heating. However, the farmer should observe birds for signs of cold such as clogging together for warmth and then provide some heat immediately. Minimum order is 300 chicks.

Quail manure
This is a useful by-product from the quails and it is easily collected from the cages designed to facilitate this. It is good organic manure that has a high nitrogen content and that is easy to apply to the crops.

Consultancy services for start-up activities towards quail farming
Consultancy services are available at a minimal fee for advice on building cages from local materials, feeding, and general management, slaughtering, packaging, and preservation of eggs and meat.