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Quality Quail Suppliers


Quality Quails Suppliers is a small agro-business that was registered in Kenya in 2009. The main objective of this business is to promote the breeding of quails within Kenya and Africa generally so as to give the people a quality alternative to white meat.


The purpose of the company is to have quails as a preferred source of white meat and eggs in most households in Kenya and Africa.


The vision is to be the premier quail farmer within Kenya and to make quail farming an alternative livelihood for rural women in semi-arid lands of Kenya. Together with partners, Quality Quails Suppliers will be able to market 1000 birds and 10,000 eggs weekly within 2 years. The opportunity is to capture the market of middle class people opting for white meat and desiring to eat healthily. Some indigenous people in Kenya and Africa in general, eat wild quail meat as a rare delicacy, hunting it clandestinely seasonally. Because of this habit, the quail is almost extinct in several parts of Kenya, so breeding the birds in cages will once more re-introduce it on the stands in the butcheries and the dinner tables.


The business strategy is to breed breeder quails in cages, establish a hatchery and then supply quail chicks to contract farmers who will produce quails for meat weekly.


The company values healthy quail meat and egg production so that the products are free of contaminants in the food chain. Consumers of quality quail products would not be exposed to risk associated with wild quails. Breeding quails in cages would be an alternative source of income for those who want to keep small animals for livelihood support. Quail breeding is less labour intensive and can be more lucrative than keeping goats and cattle as is the practice in rural Africa. More so, the damage to the environment is much smaller or even non-existent, as compare to the goats and cattle. The returns are faster and the family can also consume some of the birds and eggs and yet still make an income from the sale of the same.